Rotorua Competitions Society Inc.

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The object of the Rotorua Competitions Society is to celebrate, foster and promote the performing Arts by holding Annual Competitions and we have done so since 1946.

Until 1993 there were many Competition Societies such as ours around N.Z. but the impact of television had diminished the significance of these competitions.

Today, they survive only in centres where dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers have kept them alive.

Four competitions are staged each year in Rotorua:

  • NZ Aria
  • The Concerto
  • Speech & Drama
  • Dance

Each competition has developed a highly respected reputation throughout New Zealand for both standard of performance and of organisation.

Their popularity is evidenced by the record number of entries that we receive both locally and nationally each year.¬†Our events have enhanced Rotorua’s growing reputation as the “performance centre” of N.Z.

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