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encouraging involvement in performing arts

The purpose of the Rotorua Competitions Society is to celebrate, foster and promote the performing Arts by holding Annual Competitions. Founded in 1946 we have seventy plus years of history encouraging youth to be on stage.

Two competitions are staged each year in Rotorua:

  – Speech & Drama

  – Dance

Each competition has developed a highly respected reputation throughout New Zealand for both standard of performance and of organisation.

The Rotorua Dance Festival gives wonderful performance opportunities for dance contestants of all ages to showcase their talents in a 5-6 day competition. It benefits the children in the community by giving them the chance to compete in front of a live audience on a large stage in a safe and friendly environment. It provides top level adjudicators giving instructional feedback to help guide the dancers. If they wish to continue in their chosen discipline it has the potential to develop into a career for them in the future.

The Speech and Drama Competition is held annually in Rotorua for local children from the ages of 5-18 years. The Competition provides excellent experience in and exposure to the performing arts and public speaking for our young people. Each student can perform in up to six classes ranging from; Poetry, Impromptu Performances, Group Drama items, Reading Recitals, Shakespearean Monologues, Light Verse, Character Recitals and many more.

The Competitions bring local youth together to compete, learn and celebrate performing arts in the community. Across the two competitions we expect to have over 1,000 performers participate and 3,000 in the audience over the eight days, making this one of the largest Speech and Drama/Dance competitions in New Zealand.

We attract experienced National Adjudicators which attests to the high regard in which the Rotorua Competitions is held. We pay them a modest fee to judge competitions. We also cover their accommodation and travel costs as part of the package.

Both Rotorua competitions has open entry and is widely supported by drama and dance teachers in schools in Rotorua. It is free for the community to come along to watch and support these creative children and teenagers.

Our Team

Rachel Jamieson
Chairperson & Dance Festival Convenor
Rachael McGarvie
Bridget Donovan
Speech & Drama Competition Convenor
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