Important Information for Speech & Drama Competitions

Copy of your Poem, Character or Group Drama
You must bring a printed copy of your group drama, character or poem to hand in to the adjudictaors asistant at the start of your class (or arrange someone to do this for you). This is not needed for prepared readings or speeches.

Reading the Programme
We have five sessions on the Saturday and four sessions on the Sunday with three rooms running at the same time. 
There will be multiple classes in each session. In the programme they will all be listed under the start time of that session. 
For example if Main Stage at 8.30 had three classes on in that session, we do not change the session time in the programme for each subsequent class within a session. They follow on from each other.

Characters & Group Dramas
Characters and Group Dramas are performed in costume on the Main Stage. We have dressing rooms set-up at the venue and competitors access back stage via the dressing rooms.
Once you are dressed, you can go wait back of stage. 
If you have props and your teacher is not at the competitions we do have a Stage Assistant to help you.

Impromptu Performances
For improvisations, reading at sight and impromptu talks you must be present for roll call at the start of your competition class. The adjudicator assistant will take you to the waiting area. When it is your turn, you will be taken back to the room and provided your speech/improv topic or reading passage. The adjudicator assistant will let you know how long you have before you need to start your performance.

If you arrive late to your impromptu class, do not enter the room. If you enter the room before your turn you will not be able to participate in the class. Either go to front desk and ask to be taken to the waiting area or wait outside the room to talk to the adjudicator assistant when they come out to get the next performer.

When to Start your Performance
Group Dramas & Character Recitals are announced by the Stage Assistant.
For all other prepared pieces the Adjudicator will ring a bell when they are ready for you to start. 
There are number boards at the front of each room which shows which competitor is performing.
For impromptu performances or reading at sight you will be given the material and instructed when to start.

Nerves can sometimes cause competitors to forget their lines.
For poems the adjudicators assistant will prompt you.
For Group Dramas/Characters prompts are done from side of stage. If your teacher is NOT going to be at the competitions assisting backstage, please bring an extra printed copy of your performance. Then ask the stage assistant to be your prompt and provide them with a copy of your performance.

Ajudicator Feedback & Placings
When all classes within a session have finished, the adjudicator will provide feedback on each class and announce the placings.

Certificate & Judging Sheets
Competitiors can collect certificates and judging sheets with their individual feedback from the Front Desk. These are usually available within two hours of the session finishing.

Prize Giving & Trophies
The Competition finishes on the Sunday evening with a prize giving where trophies are presented.
Trophies are awarded to the highest mark in each class. There are also Special Trophies including most promising in different age groups, best costume and comical excellence. You can view a list of the trophies on page 2 in the programme.

You need to stay with your child/ren & supervise them.

This is not a drop off and run event. Competitors under 14 must have a parent at the event supervising them.

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